Scientific Generation Principle of Magnetized Water by IONSPA Shower
하이브리드 스핀자화필터 + 자화필터
  • STEP 1: Vortex Magnetic Filter
    Primary ion activation through the rotation of vortex magnetic filter
  • STEP 2 : Pretreatment Filter
    Through the pretreatment filter, filter foreign matters which enter the shower.
  • STEP 3 : Hybrid Spin Magnetic Filter
    Secondary ion activation through the high speed rotation of the hybrid spin magnetic filter
  • STEP 4 : Generation of Hexagonal Water Molecule
    Generation of hexagonal water particle beneficial to human body
  • STEP 5 : Ceramic Wing + Ge-Lite Filter
    Antibacterial and sterilization effect through filtration and purification
    for clean water together with far-infrared radiation effect
  • STEP 6 : Micro Plate
    Applying fine discharge hole (0.25mm) for the effects of water pressure rise
    and water saving and the generation effect of negative ion
  • STEP1
    Vortex Magnetic Filter
  • STEP2
    Pretreatment Filter
  • STEP3
    Spin Magnetic Filter
  • STEP4
    of Hexagonal Water Molecule
  • STEP5
    Ceramic Wing +
    Ge-Lite Filter
  • STEP6
    Micro Plate
Eco-Friendly to Human Body Hexagonal Live Water
Effect of Magnetized Water
IONSPA Mousture
Continues 12 hours’ strong moisture

Mellow Hot Spring Effect of Magnetized Water

4 Times Rise of Water Pressure Water Saving, Fuel Saving

Cleaner and Softer with Complex Quintuple Filter

IONSPA lonic
More than 5 Times Explosive Emission of Negative Ion Compared to Other Companies
The water particle ionized through the hybrid spin magnetic filter has a hexagonal structure. It is a structure that skin cells like the most. The smaller water particles enter the skin pores to absorb foreign matters in the pores and decompose oil deposit to discharge out of the skin. They also fill the inside of pores with magnetized water of high viscosity. Magnetized water helps maintaining continuous moisture. But also it is very helpful for itching, dried skin, and atopic skin infection.
The particles of magnetized and ionized water coming out of 410 ultrafine holes are soft supplying moisture and mineral to the skin. The magnetized water has a strong affinity and penetration force so that the filtration to cell membrane increases. The magnetized water gives a help to skin to discharge toxin out of human body so that whole family can enjoy the hot spring bathing at home.
Through the microplate, the water pressure rises 4 times more than that in the existing shower. But the amount of water decreases by over 40% so that it has a great advantage of natural water saving. As small particles of water increase the cleansing power, the saving rate of living water also increases by 20%. By the reduction of shower time and dish washing time, the use of warm water in bathroom and kitchen, which is the major factor for heating cost in winter season, will be reduced to save the heating cost by 30%. Please catch the eco-mileage and the incentives of carbon point system which have been implemented in Seoul and each local government.
The first stage vortex magnetic filter decomposes the rust element and the second stage pretreatment filter removes foreign matters and rust, and the third stage hybrid spin magnetic filter changes the water molecule to ultrafine molecular structure. The fourth stage ceramic wing increases the electromotive force and mixes water evenly. The fifth stage Ge-Lite filter sterilizes germs in water to remove fungus. So that you can enjoy fresh and clean shower.
The negative ion generated when water particles are crushed into small particles gives much help for cell activation and fatigue recovery. In the shower head of IONSPA, water passes through vortex magnetic filter and hybrid magnetic filter, 410 microplates, and water particles are crushed into small particles to emit negative ion explosively which is about more than 5 times compared to that in other companies.
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